Click the “Manage User” link, which will open the User List page.  The Select Client drop down list will default to the owning company name.  A list of current users will be displayed.

To create a new user, click on the “New User” button on the upper right side of the list.

Clicking the “New User” button will open a pop-up window for Add/Edit User.

Each of the fields with a red asterisk (*) is a required field and must be completed in order to save the user information. 

First Name: [free text field]

Last Name:[free text field]

Initials: [free text field – clicking the “Check” button next to the Initials field will verify if the initials entered are available for use.]

Login ID:[free text field – clicking the “Check” button next to the Login ID field will verify if the Login ID that’s been assigned is available for use.]

Password:[free text field]

Primary Role:[dropdown box – choose from Administrator, Supervisor, Team Lead, Processor or Recruiter]

Secondary Role:[dropdown box – choose from roles not already selected]

Phone:[numeric field]

Email:[free text field – enter the email address for this user – clicking the “Check” button next to the Email field will verify if the email address entered is available for use.]

Joining Date:[calendar drop down – usually the date entered in HireGate.]

Click Save. A confirmation pop-up window will appear.

Click OK to close window.This will return the user to the Add/Edit User pop-up window.Close this window by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner, or pressing the ESC button on the keyboard.

The newly created user can now begin using Hire gate, and can be assigned to work on Client Requisitions.