Click the “Manage Client” link, which will open the Client List page.  The Active Clients will be displayed when the Client List page comes up.

To create a new client, click the “New Client” button at the top of the list on the right side:

Clicking the “New Client” button will open a pop-up window for Add/Edit Client:

Each of the fields with a red asterisk (*) is a required field and must be completed in order to save the client information. 

Client Type: [defaults to “Subscribe”, rarely need to change this field.]

Name:[free text field]

Domain: [free text field – try to keep domain to an acronym or abbreviation]

Title:[free text field]

Email:[free text field – enter the email of the main contact for this client]

Logo:[select a picture file of the company logo. .PNG, .JPG work best]

State: [drop down list]

City: [free text field]

Street Address: [free text field]

Click Save