The Admin Dashboard has many of the same tabs that you would see under the Recruiters, Processors, Supervisor, and Teamleads dashboard. The only difference is the information that's provided under the Dashboard tab. You can also access the Recruiter, Supervisor, Processor, and Teamlead Dashboards from the Dashboard menu button at the top of the screen. As well as the other tabs.

When you first login you'll be directed to Admin Dashboard:

From the Admin Dashboard you'll be able to see all of the Clients and Positions as well as any users assigned to the position as well. By clicking on the dropdown next to any of the position names you'll be able to see information for that specific position (Location, # of Positions, Req. No, Screened, Qualified, Total Sourced, and Status). In the image below we clicked on the Sales Rep position.

After that we clicked on a position's location. where we can now see the full user list of who's worked on that particular requisition:

Below that information is the Candidate List that shows all of the candidates that have been entered in HireGate for that particular reqisition. You can also click the edit button on the left and bring up the candidates information in the Add/Update Candidate section.

Below that screen is the Total Requisition Activity for the client we chose at the beginning:

Below the Total Requisition Activity area you'll see the Position Status in graph form. This gives a graphical overview of where your requisitions stand. Hovering over a graph with your mouse will give you the breakdown of where that req. currently stands. This can help let you know what you're team might need to be focus on moving forward.

The next screen will be your Weekly Candidate Count Graph. Here you can see how each person on the team has been doing towards filling a certain position. 

The fisrt half will ask you want you want to see ( Position, Location, Candidate Status, and Recruiter) you can choose to leave it at ALL (which is the default), but it might be hard to see a breakdown of information for a specific position. In this example we chose the sales rep position in Rutland and we chose to see the candidate status for Sourced. Now we can see who did the best in sourcing, but the Candidate Status can be changed to Screened, Submitted to Hm, Interviewed...etc. 

Since we chose Source the Graph is going to show us all of the recruiters and how they did. Hovering over any of the line graphs will show you how they did during that timeframe. You can also choose to remove a recruiter by clicking on their name from the right hand side.

Last is the Pipeline Graphs. These graphs are going to show you how the pipelines for the reqs. are doing. Again, you can hover over each of the graphs to gain more insight into the Sales Rep positions that we're still working on.