Like the Recruiter Dashboard the Supervisor Dashboard looks similar. It has the Candidate Quick Entry, Resume Parse, Add/Update Candidate, Search/Interview Candidate, and Daily Follow-Up Tabs.

Like all the other Dashboards you can collapse or open any part of the dashboard by clicking the blue down arrow at the top left of each section. That way you can see the pieces you want to see

The difference in the Dashboard comes when you start to scroll down the screen. We clicked on the Sales Rep position above and now as we go down the Dashboard we can see the Sourced Candidates just the same as the recruiters.

 Next is the Total Requisition Activity for everyone on the team that is working on that position and any locations involved:

You can also see this in Graph form as well. If you hover over the graph it will give you more detailed information:

Moving down farther you get the Weekly Candidate Count Graph which has multiple options to select depending on what you want to see. You'll have the option to choose the Client, Position, Location, Candidate Status - (You have options to see Sourced, Screened, Submitted, Interviewed, Pending Feedback, Offers Extended, Offers Accepted, Offers Declined, and Offers Withdrawn for a specific recruiter or all working on a position) and Recruiters. Again, hovering over any of the graph points will show you more detailed information about a recruiter.

All the way at the bottom is a button for Other Task. This shows the other requisitions that are open but that the Supervisor might not be attached to at the moment.