From the Manage menu, select “Processor/Recruiter Task”.

This selection will open the Processor/Recruiter Task page.  Use the Teamlead/Supervisor drop down box to select the requisitions assigned to the Supervisor or Team Lead.  Then use the search box to narrow down the available positions.  In the example below, only the positions assigned to Supervisor “Demo Supervisor” and containing “abc” are showing in the list.  All of these positions fall under “ABC Company”. 

In order to assign a Processor/Recruiter to a position, select the expansion arrow for the position you would like to assign. This will do two things. First, a list of personnel already assigned to the position will show in the expansion box. If no one is assigned, a small blank space will open below the position.


Second, another list will open which contains the names of all users who have been assigned the primary or secondary role of Processor or Recruiter.  Processors will be listed on the left side of the screen, Recruiters will be listed on the right side of the screen.  Only those users who have been assigned as Processor or Recruiter during the “Manage User” process will appear on this list.

Once the list of Processors and Recruiters is open, click the check box next to the name of the person to be assigned as Processor and Recruiter; then click the “Save Task” button.


This will cause a pop-up confirmation window to appear. Click OK to close pop-up.

Now when a search of the requisition is accomplished, the newly assigned Processor/Recruiter will appear in the list.

The newly assigned recruiters and processors are now able to begin working on the requisitions that have been assigned to them.