The quick entry tab was created with the intention of getting candidates into the system in less than 30 seconds.  This tab is typically used when mass sourcing had been done on a particular position and you want to get the candidate information into the system to show the work that you have been doing throughout your day.  The faster you can get your candidates into HG the better off you will be, as all your data in tracked in real time!

Now that you have spent the time to find resumes and collect some basic information on the potential candidates its time to do your first outreach to them.  The Candidate Quick Entry tab is a great place to log your first outreach to these potential candidates; especially if you are using the same form of outreach with the batch of candidates that you are entering.  For example Indeed will only give you an email address for candidates, and I have just found 30 great candidates that I need to reach out to.  Unfortunately I only have emails and will need to contact all 30 candidates via email.  The Candidate Quick Entry tab is going to make this a simple and quick process.

First things first, have the information that you want to enter ready and available to you. 

Once you have logged into HG and have clicked on the 2nd tab from your dashboard “Candidate Quick Entry” tab, you are ready to start entering your potential candidate. 

Now its time to pick your details in regards to the position you are recruiting for.  This can be found on the Details section, located at the top of your page.  

Make your selections for your position by using the drop downs that are provided for you.  You will only be able to view the positions and locations that you are currently working on, and that will help limit your options.

***PLEASE keep in mind if you entering multiple candidates for the same positions you are only going to need to make these selections in regards to the company one time, they will stay consistent as you continue to enter new candidates. ***

Client: The Company are you recruiting these candidates for.  

Positions: Job title that is listed 

Contact origin: how am I reaching out to these candidates? (It was my first attempt to connect with the candidate so you should always record that as an outbound! I make an outreach to the candidate without connecting so we list that as an outbound)

Outbound type: I only have an email so that is how I am going to reach out (Indeed only give me emails so I had to send an email)

Application source: This is a candidate that I direct sourced from Indeed.  So I choose DR_INDEED (DR stands for direct sourced, if my candidates applied from Indeed it would choose Job Posting-Indeed)

Status: I send them a message to the candidate, so select Left Message (we have not connected yet)

Locations: Where is this position located? This field will also include the requisition number for this position.

From this section you are going to enter the information that is being asked in regards to your candidate. This is the information you will have from your sourcing efforts.  You make not have a phone number, or you may only have the phone number and not the email address.  From the candidate quick entry tab that’s OK. None of the fields you see are mandatory.

Now I have two options, I can save the candidate and start entering my next entry or I can simply upload the candidate resume if I want to.  (You will have other opportunities to add resumes so it is not mandatory at this point.)

IF you would like to save a resume at this point you will hit the Browse file button, pick the location for the resume you want saved to that candidates profile. If you are ready to move on to your next candidate entry, just hit Save.

Now that you have saved you will get the message below to let you know that it saved correctly:

Click OK and now your ready to enter your next candidate.

The below screen is what you will view once you have saved

You will notice now that you have saved or added the resume and saved the file, you only need to add my next candidate, all the client information that we added has been saved for me to use or edit for my next entry.