The Hiring Manager Dashboard consists of three parts. Positions, Candidate List, and Recruiting Recap.

The Positions section breaks down all the positions that the hiring manager is responsible for.

Clicking the blue down arrow next to any of the positions opens up more information about the position including:

  • Location
  • Number of positions
  • Salary ranges - From and To
  • Requisition number
  • Screened count
  • Qualified count
  • Total Source 
  • Status of the position

The next section is the Candidate List. Here's where the Hiring Manager will find all of the candidate information for qualified candidates that have been sent over by the recruiters working on the position. Going by the Positions we were looking at above. you can see that Greensboro is highlighted. When you look at the Candidate List of course it would be blank because there hasn't been any qualified candidates sent yet.

But if we choose a different location like Rutland, we can see that there are 32 candidates list that the hiring manager can go through.

If the hiring manager wants to look at any documents that were sent over they just have to click on the blue down arrow to the left of the name and the dropdown under the candidate will display the Document Name, File Name, and the Download button at the far right to download the document. 

Clicking the download button comes up with option to save the document:

If the hiring manager decides that they would like to move forward with the candidate they don't have to leave HireGate to do so. To the right of the Submitted On section is a message button.

Clicking that message button brings up a pop-up window:

Here the hiring manager can do one of two things. The first is they can put together notes that they can save and go back to at any time. The other option is to reach out to the recruiter that submitted the candidate by typing in a note to the recruiter and then clicking on Save and Notify. That will send an email and a notification on the recruiters dashboard to let them know to look at the next steps for that candidate. 

The last section is the Recruiting Recap. This part allows the hiring manager to get a breakdown of how a specific position and location or they can do an overview of the whole position by selecting a position and keeping the location as ALL. The Recruiting Recap is also broken down into 3 pieces. The first half are the activities (what has been done overall and what has been done recently), Sourced, Screened, Qualified, Submitted, Interviewed, Pending Feedback, Offers Declined, and Starts.

If you make a change to the position or if you add a location instead of choosing ALL then the numbers change to reflect the data on the chosen criteria. Here we changed the Location to the Rutland location.

Below that is the graphical representation for same data we chose above. You also have the ability to see the exact Status by choosing what you wnat from the Select Status bucket or you can choose to see all of the Status's by choosing the first option and scrolling down to the bottom selecting shift on the keyboard and clicking the last option. In this example we chose all of the options under Select Status. 

As you can see on the right there wasn't anything done during the current week. On the right you can see the full numbers of the position from when it was opened to today and how long it's been open. Clicking or hovering on the donut graph you can move the pieces you want to see in and out to get the numbers associated with them.

Below that is a bar graph showing the same information. We did the graphs a few ways depending on what someone might prefer to look at. Again hovering over the graph will display the full information on the position and location you might have chosen.

Going back to the top of the Recruiting Recap and changing the Location to ALL gives a bar graph for all of the locations for that position and where they stand. It also changes the donut graph to populate with all of the data for all of the locations under the position chosen.