Resume Parse creates a Candidate Profile by automatically taking information from a resume and will allow the Recruiter to select the correct information and assign to the corresponding requisition/position:

After choosing your Client. Click on Browse on the right and find the resume that you want to parse and then click Import.

Once you've clicked Import, then you'll see the Resume Parse Log. From here you can choose the resume that you uploaded by clicking on it.

The next part is going to be confirming the information in the resume under the Resume Parse Data on the left. You'll be choosing the Email address, Name, and Phone number to make sure that the profile information is correct.

Once that has been completed then you can move on to selecting the Position and Location. The information we had selected previously from the Resume Parse Data will be automatically added to the bottom portion. After all of the data has been entered in then you can go ahead and click on Save Candidate. 

Their profile has now been created and also includes a copy of their resume that can be downloaded if need be.