Going back to the top and clicking on the Dashboard menu button you have the ability to submit candidates to Hiring Managers.  Clicking on Submit Candidates in the menu at the bottom will bring you to the Submit candidate Screen.

The first half of the screen is going to show the candidates that have been qualified and are ready to move to the next round with a Hiring Manager. 

Once you've found the candidate that you're looking for your going to click the checkbox to the left of their information. That will open up the documents section below their information.

It will automatically choose the first document and won't allow you to send if you don't have a resume or document attached. Those documents will follow the candidate over when sending their information to a Hiring Manager. once you've made your selections you'll hit the Submit button at the top right and that will send it over to the Hiring Manager that's associated with that position.

The bottom half of the screen shows Sent Candidates. These are all the candidates that have already been submitted, when they were submitted, and who sent them over. By clicking on the checkbox to the left you can also see what documents were sent as well. 

You can also resend a candidates information to the Hiring Manager as well by choosing the candidate and clicking on the Resend Email at the top right. This not only goes to their HireGate Dashboard, but the Hiring Manager will get an email as well to let him know their has been a new or updated candidate added to their requisition to consider.